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ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION IN USE – Book with Cds. & CD Rom (Cambridge)
Levels: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced

The best-selling English Pronunciation in Use is a comprehensive reference and practice book suitable for self-study or
classroom work.
Sixty easy-to-use units cover all aspects of pronunciation, including individual sounds, word stress, connected speech and
intonation. Each unit is supported by audio material in range of accents, available on audio CD. An additional reference
section offers a glossary of specialized terms, help with the pronunciation of numbers and geographical names and fun
exercises on phonemic symbols and minimal pairs.
The CD-ROM provides a wide variety of additional interactive activities to reinforce the pronunciation covered in the book, as
well as tests, progress checks, games and animated diagrams of the mouth showing learners how to produce individual
sounds. Students can also record themselves and compare their pronunciation with one of the many models provided.



Peter Roach 



This is a complete basic course in English phonetics and phonology. Since its publication it has established itself as the most
practical and comprehensive text in the field. It is used by both native and non-native speakers, who may be training to
teach English or studying the language at an advanced level. The new edition takes into account recent developments on the
teaching of phonology, and a number of improvements have been made in response to feedback from users world wide.
English Phonetics and Phonology bridges the gap between simple pronunciation handbooks and technical phonetics and
phonology textbooks. The chapters are cross-referenced to the recordings which consist of practical exercises on two
cassettes or CDs. At the end of each chapter there are notes giving information on further reading, discussion of difficult
issues and, where appropriate, suggestions for teachers.



THE SOUNDS OF LANGUAGE – An introduction to Phonetics (Longman)
Henry Rogers



The Sounds of Language provides an accessible, general introduction to phonetics with a special emphasis on English.
Focusing on the phonetics of English, the first section allows students to get an overall view of the subject. Two standard
accents of English are presented: RP (Received Pronunciation), the standard accent of England, and GA (General American),
the standard accent throughout much of North America. The discussion is arranged so that students can read only the RP or
GA portions, if desired. Sixteen additional accents of English spoken around the world are also covered to provide students
with wider international coverage. The author then moves on to introduce acoustics phonetics in an accessible manner for
those without a science background. The last section provides a detailed discussion of all aspects of speech with extensive
examples from languages around the world. Containing student-friendly features this is an excellent introduction to phonetics
to students of linguistics and speech pathology and students of English as a second language.



Francis Katamba



An introduction to phonological theory placed within the framework of recent mainstream generative phonology. The book is
divided into two main parts. The first, introduces readers to basic concepts of articulatory phonetics, classical phonemics and
standard generative phonology. The second part is devoted to phonological theory. The nature and organisation of
phonological representations in nonlinear generative phonology is also explored.



David Brazil



This pronunciation material is suitable for all advanced students and teachers of English who want to improve their
understanding and competence in spoken English. It takes a discourse-based approach to the study of English pronunciation
and intonation, encouraging learners to examine the sound system of English within the context of connected speech.
Pronunciation for Advanced Learners of English provides: meaningful practice activities interspersed with clear explanations of
discourse intonation theory, a Teacher’s Book which gives useful background information and supportive teaching notes, a
key in both the Student’s and Teacher’s Books making the material suitable for guided self-access, a cassette containing clear
models and extracts for comprehension/analysis.



Martin Hewings



This is a resource book for teachers looking for ideas on how they can make pronunciation teaching more interesting.
It contains a collection of pronunciation practice activities for a wide range of levels, using a variety of methods.
Divided into two parts, the first part introduces information about phonetics and phonology as background to the teaching
activities, without being overwhelming. It also highlights some of the current areas of debate and discussion in the teaching
and learning of English pronunciation.
The second part of the book contains nearly 100 pronunciation activities divided into eight sections: Developing awareness;
Sounds; Connected speech: Syllables and stress; Intonation; Pronunciation and spelling, grammar and vocabulary; Testing
and Resources for pronunciation teaching.
The book is accompanied by an audio CD with material to support the activities.



PRONUNCIATION TASKS. A course for Pre Intermediate students (Cambridge) 
Martin Hewings



Pronunciation Tasks is a new book for pre-intermediate learners providing comprehensive coverage of all aspects of English
pronunciation. The 66 units are grouped under eight main headings: vowels, consonants, consonant clusters, syllables and
stress, sounds and connected speech, intonation, sounds and grammar and pronouncing written words.
Components: Student´s book, Teacher´s book, cassettes.



PRONUNCIATION PAIRS – Book with Audio Cd – 2nd
This new edition of a highly successful pronunciation text covers all of the speech sounds of North American English, as well
as spelling, intonation, and stress. Pronunciation Pairs offers a variety of exercises and activities, from very controlled
minimal pair and listening discrimination tasks to dialogs, games, puzzles, and guided conversations. The Pronunciation Pairs,
Second Edition, Student’s Book has updated dialogs, which include current and useful vocabulary. Hundreds of simple, clear
illustrations help students understand the dialogs and vocabulary. An audio CD with selections from the complete class audio
program is included in the back of the Student’s Book.







How to Teach Pronunciation is a guide to the theory of pronunciation and to the practical skills required in its teaching. This
book is appropriate for teachers of English at an early stage in their careers and for more experienced teachers.
How to Teach Pronunciation offers:

•a summary of the key features of pronunciation
•an overview of approaches and techniques in the teaching of pronunciation
•analyses of key topics such as vowels, consonants, stress, and intonation, with a variety of sample lessons for each topic
•a Task File of photocopiable review exercises for each chapter, and an answer key
•detailed appendices including a Learners’ Reference Chart of English Sounds, a breakdown of common pronunciation errors,
and pronunciation and spelling tables
•an audio CD giving spoken examples of sounds, words, and utterances in the book.



Learning and teaching Pronunciation- Book + Audio CD. (Macmillan)
Adrian Underhill



The Teacher Development Series will promote development by dealing with professional topics in a personal way. The aim is
to deepen understanding, raise self-awareness and encourage self-direction and choice.

Sound Foundations provide a systematic and practical approach to helping students improve their pronunciation. The first
part of the book covers pronunciation systems, and the second part provides practical activities to help students improve
their confidence and ability in spoken English.
The audio Cd guides you through all the activities in the book, including pronunciation examples.



SHIP OR SHEEP? Book and Audio CD Pack (Cambridge)
An intermediate pronunciation course – 3rd edition
Ann Baker



This is a revised and updated edition of the classic pronunciation title Ship or Sheep? This new edition of Ship or Sheep?, an
accessible intermediate-level pronunciation course in full colour for students of English, provides systematic practice of
English pronunciation, with an emphasis on minimal pairs, through a wide variety of interesting exercises and activities. The
course is suitable for classroom use or for self-study. This pack contains the 3rd edition of Ship or Sheep? and a set of 4
audio CDs.



TREE OR THREE? Book and Audio Cds (Cambridge)
An Elementary Pronunciation Course – 2nd Edition
Ann Baker



This fully-revised edition of the classic elementary pronunciation course is now accompanied by 3 Audio CDs and is suitable
for both self-study and classroom use. This is a revised and updated edition of the classic pronunciation title, ‘Tree or Three?’.
This new edition retains many of the features that make the original edition so popular. In particular, the overall simplicity of
the text and straightforward syllabus with an emphasis on minimal pairs, that makes the subject of pronunciation so
accessible has been retained. Still ideal for classroom use, the new edition is also more suitable for learners working on their
own (at home or in self-access centres), as clearer rubrics for exercises have been included together with better overall
navigation and a clear answer key. Unlike the original edition, there is no separate Teacher’s Book. This pack contains the
second edition of ‘Tree or Three?’ and a set of 3 audio CDs.



6th edition



Since its publications, Gimson´s Pronunciation of English has been acknowledged as the standard description, both comprehensive and accessible, of spoken English: an essential book for anyone studying the sounds and tones of english or teaching English pronunciation and intonation to non-native speakers.
This sixth edition has been substantially revised throughout, with particular emphasis on those areas that have seen rapid changes in the las five years.The chapter on standard and regional accents has been expanded to reflect accurately the changes in attitude to language standards, with particular focus on rencently recognized variation within a wider Received Pronunciation, such as Estuary English.

Also available: 



J C Wells



The Longman Pronunciation Dictionary is the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and authoritative pronunciation dictionary available. This expanded and completely updated edition includes:

• 135,000 pronunciations, giving full coverage of both British and American English using the alphabet of the International
Phonetic Association
• over 200 graphs showing pronunciation preferences of British and American speakers, and how these are changing, for
words like controversy, either, harass, and garage – based on Professor Wells’s unique Pronunciation Preference Poll over the
• recommended pronunciations clearly shown in blue for each word, as well as other pronunciations in common use
• stress patterns for thousands of compounds and idioms
• more than 50 Spelling-to-sound boxes and 35 Language Panels
• thousands of proper names.



Edited by P. Roach, J. Setter and J. Hartman



Daniel Jones´s classic pronouncing dictionary is the ultimate guide to pronunciation in English. Now in its 17th edition, it
includes thousands of pronunciations not shown in general dictionaries, from people to places, to words from science,
technology and literature.
• Fully updated with the latest new words, including people and places in the news.
• Lively study pages give extra help with common areas of difficulty.
• Contains all the general and encyclopaedic words needed to communicate in the modern world – with over 80.000 entries
and 220.000 pronunciations.
• Offers additional support with spelling and understanding phonetic terminology – 200 information panels explain phonetics
terms and the relationship between spelling and sound.
The CD-ROM includes:
• British and American spoken pronunciations for every word.
• Record your own voice and listen back.
• Search by alphabet or phonetic symbols.
• Interactive pronunciation exercises.